Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ideal Woman

I just wanted to do a post about a really awesome necklace I got for Christmas (that I chose for myself, but that's not the point :) ). It is called the Ideal Woman Necklace by Allie Pohl.

The necklace I have is a mirror, but they come in a lot of different materials and colors. There are some made from wood, metal, and more. They also come in different sizes, and some with more than one on the same chain. She sells them here.

The necklace comes on a cardborad cutout and on the back this is what it says:

Ideal Woman: Necklace reflects Allie Pohl's belief that society is obsessed with the image of "the perfect woman." The necklace demonstrates our culture's desire to emulate a look that seems naturally impossible to attain. Her artistic is to critique cultural trends that she finds impractical or destructive to the female form. Pohl strives to express the absurdities, conflicts and hypocrisies society presents about "ideal" women.

This iconic necklace is more than just a pendant; when worn it is a catalyst for instigating new ideas, converstaion and change. She has created a virtual space,, where you can share your comments or reactions that you have received while wearing this necklace. She hopes you enjoy wearing the Ideal Woman: Necklace!

I got the Ideal Woman: Necklace that is a mirror, because I think that it is the perfect medium. When a woman looks at it, they see themselves, therefore seeing the ideal woman. That's just my opinion about the mirror, though.

(I put it on a different chain than the one it came with, because it was really small for my neck!)

Go have a look at her site, there are some really great stuff on there!! Tell me what you think :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things..

I know it's already the new year (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!), but for some reason my computer is being slow so I wasn't able to come on earlier. I just wanted to post my favorite things from 2011. Some of it was gifted items, others I bought myself. ENJOY!

A new Bath and Body Works scent for me, Paris Amour.

Arts and Crafts: Random items around the house I painted and decorated - made better! :)

The Mexican Folk Art store downtown...A fellow volunteer at the Art Museum owns this shop and there a lot of cute things - all out of my price range however. These wonderful items were bought by my mom and given to me for my birthday in November. The pot was made in Peru. The heart with wings is a metal magnet. Love them!

Blu-Rays: 10 Things I Hate About You and Breakfast at Tiffany's (with Audrey Hepburn). I got these for Christmas and my birthday. They are two of my favorite movies! In fact, I watched 10 Things for New Years Eve.

Florence + the Machine "Ceremonials". I absolutely LOVE this CD. Not only do I think it's her best, but I think it is in my top 2 favorite albums ever. Every song has meaning and epic hooks to keep you..well..hooked.

These Breakfast at Tiffany's glasses I got for Christmas from my friend...I love this movie!

These necklaces I got from Forever 21 for each opening I worked at at the Art Museum this year. Each one is a reminder that I am on the right track for my career.

There were so much more I loved this year, but since I did so much on my makeup blog, I thought I'd keep this one short and sweet.

Here's to a New Year!!